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PCBCAD40 launcher.

Schematic Entry

PCB Entry

PCB 3D Viewer

PCBCAD40 with 127 layer autorouter.

Runs under Windows 2003 server with service pacls, Windows XP with service pack 2 or better, Windows 7 and Windows Vista ONLY !!!

Schematic and pcb symbol wizards for fast creation of components.
Auto creates SIL, DIL and QUAD packages from your parameters.
Auto create circles of pads for valve bases and rotary switches.

Schematic entry with auto convert schematic to pcb ratsnest.

PCB entry with 127 layer rip up and retry autorouter with clearance and continuity check.

Multiple autoplacers for compact designs and shorter routes.
Gridless auto-router option.

Integrity checker, compares schematic and PCB for differences.

Component locator.

Parts list and renumbering.

RS274X Gerber file generator and NC drill file generator.

Output schematic to printer.

Output PCB to printer in 4:1, 2:1 and 1:1 scaling in positive or negative form and mirroring about x and y axis.

Merge schematics and PCB's.

Library scanners for fast component selection.

Gerber file viewer.

3D PCB viewer.

Panasonic pick and place file generator.

Component locator, blockmode for repeats, shifts, rotations etc.

Net optimiser for shortest routes.

Auto component placers for minimum routing.

Unconnected pin scanner.

PCB's upto 50 by 50 inches.

127 copper layers.

127 resist layers.

127 powerplane layers.

2 silk layers (top/bottom)

Comes with symbol libraries, 4000, 7400 and general as standard.

Help files in each module, no real need for printed manual.

Help line.

This is the full Windows version and not a crippled, time limited or downsized version.

Note: This is the 2010 version and not an obsolete version.

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